SELFIE ROD Bluetooth Selfie Stick + Remote

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Selfie Monopod Rod Pole with Mobile holder Clip & Instant Shot Bluetooth Shutter Remote Smartphone Monopod- Camera Interface: Universal 1/4  Screw Folded Size: 225mm Extented Height: 920 mm Color:Black AB Wireless Shutter will give you a hand when you would like to take self or group photos with your Smartphone Equipped with 2.4GHz wireless radio capability, the remote could command your phone to take photos or videos within a maximum distance of 10 meters. Powered by the easily available, tiny and long lasting lithium batteries, you don’t need to worry about changing batteries in half a year. Weighted only 20g with batteries, the AB shutter is a very tiny set of devices that you won’t bother bringing it anywhere with your phone. Compatible with: All Smartphones – Android & Apple Remote not Compatible with NOKIA LUMIA 

Series Package Includes- 

1 x Monopod for Smartphone & Camera 

1 x Bluetooth Shutter Remote for Smartphone 

1 x Mobile holder Clip for Smartphone



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