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Brand: CONDOR Model: 03700
Are perfectly light and water light. Optimal film processing is ensured by fast filling and dumping and a reels tilting and twisting system with automatic axial skip motion. Tank A-P Compact contain two 35 mm reels and can accept up to three 110 reels. Mini Tank A-P Compact contain one ree..
Brand: CONDOR Model: 04002
  Is of solid all-metal construction with two blades. Enlarging Easel 30x40cms is fitted with adjustable precision guides; paper stop is also adjustable and sheet is automatically locked in position. Enlarging Easel 30x40cms came with a centimet..
Brand: CONDOR Model: 04401
  Resistant to photographic chemical solutions. Special design for resting on the edge of developing tray. Comes with fastening clips and hook hangers. Can also be used as pegs for hanging negatives . Total length: 18 cms. Blister pack with 2 units. ..
Brand: CONDOR Model: 04402
  Plastic stirring paddles resistant to photographic chemical solutions. Paddle ends with holes to facilitate stirring of liquids and quick dissolving of solids. Total length: 26 cms.  ..
Brand: CONDOR Model: 04501
  Electronic timer for printing with exposure time range from 0,5 to 119 sec. Electrical power output: up to 1000W max at 220/240V; 500W at 110V. Average timing accuracy: ±2% over the whole range. Reset: immediate and automatic. Elec..
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