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Mini Studio Kit

Brand: CONDOR Model: 04608
  Still-life table 60x130 cms H.50 cms  ..
Brand: CONDOR Model: 04609
Condor 04609 Still-life table 100x240 cms H 83 cms..
Brand: CONDOR Model: 04601
Support for backgrounds that includes 2 stand 3 sec. 113-290cm, one crossbar 4 sec. 365cm, and carrybag...
Brand: CONDOR Model: 4365
The Magic Silo is a diffusing tent that can expand into a cylindrical form Ø43cm and high 71cm. On top of the tent, there are two flaps that can open and close, fastened with “velcro”, leaving a gap good enough to stick the camera in. There is a 4” round porthole on the side, this is to al..
Model: 04107
Condor 04107 Cube Studio Packshot 90X90..
Brand: CONDOR Model: 04107/1
Condor Cube 40X40cm ..
Brand: Falcon Eyes Model: 2085
3 x Flash Unit SS-200D 2 x Light Stand I-2501 (black, 250 cm high) 1 x Light stand I-2001 (82-200 cm) 1 x Trigger set RF-DD2.4 1 x Umbrella UR-32T 2 x Foldable Softbox ESBU5075 (50 x 75 cm) 3 x Modelling lamp 50W (plugin) 3 x Flashtube 3 x Synchronisat..
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