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Brand: SEKONIC Model: L3082
Genuine Sekonic UK Stock. We keep Sekonic Stock in UK and ship from UK. All Sekonic products come with 1 year Sekonic Manufacture Warranty. All Sekonic products price shown are VAT inclusive price...
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Brand: SEKONIC Model: L208
Type: Analog exposure meter for ambient light Light receiving method: Incident light and reflected light     Incident light: Sliding Lumisphere Reflected light: Light..
Sekonic L-328 VF View Finder
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Brand: SEKONIC Model: L328VF
This optional accessory allows both direct flash and ambient 5 degree spot readings when used with the L-328. Direct ambient 5 degree spot measurements are possible when used with the L-318B...
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Brand: SEKONIC Model: L-398A
Σε περίπτωση εξάντλησης των αποθεμάτων η παραγγελία θα εκτελεστεί με την νέα παραλαβή των προϊόντων Sekonic L-398A Studio Deluxe III "Classic" Analog Light Meter for Battery-Free Ambient Light Readings, Incident & Reflected Accurate ambient light readings in an inexpensive, ..
Brand: SEKONIC Model: L-358
Η διαθεσιμότητα του προϊόντος είναι από 1 έως 20 ημέρες, επικοινωνήστε στο [email protected] για πληροφορίες διαθεσιμότητας του συγκεκριμένου προϊόντος. Product Description NP Finder; Non-parallax spot viewfinder attachment with ordinary waterproof structureThere are three types of ..
Brand: SEKONIC Model: 234234
The Sekonic SpectroMaster C-700R is designed for motion and still image capturers who must produce quality results with proper subject color while working with multiple types and brands of light sources. A full-spectrum color meter, the C-700R can precisely measure LED, HMI, Fluorescent sources, new..
Brand: HENSEL Model: 22131913
Hensel Strobe Master SpecsMetering MethodIncident, reflected, and flashReceptor HeadPivoting with removable sphere for 25° coverageReceptor ElementSilicon photodiodeMeasuring ModesAmbient: Incident metering, reflected metering, contrast measuringFlash: Cord Mode, Cordless Mode, Radio triggering..
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