L-858D Speedmaster Light Meter

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L-858D-U Speedmaster Light Meter

With it's 2.7" color touch screen and truly innovative and sophisticated features, the Sekonic Speedmaster L-858D-U leads the way to the next generation of light measurement control as the world's first multi-function light meter for photographers and filmmakers. Leveraging over 60 years of experience in the image-making world with cutting-edge technology, the Sekonic Speedmaster L-858D-U has undergone a significant design change and boasts a comprehensive feature set sure to meet and exceed the demands of today's photographers and filmmakers.

The first meter of its kind capable of measuring flash, while also being able to achieve an accurate ambient exposure reading in dimly lit scenes as low as 0.1 lx, the Sekonic L-858d-U provides image-makers of all levels with the critical exposure data they need to create stunning and beautiful imagery.

The first to provide wireless compatibility with Elinchrom, Phottix, and PocketWizard products, the Sekonic Speedmaster L-858D-U also provides ultimate control to photographers seeking a faster and more streamlined workflow. Limitless creative possibilities are within reach through the meter’s ability to measure High Speed Sync (HSS) and calculate proper ambient-flash exposure for precision flash exposure control.

With an increased light-sensitivity and extended ISO and Shutter Speed Ranges, the Sekonic Speedmaster L-858D-U enables all image-makers to obtain measurements in extremely low light and turn those readings into creative decisions. Finally, matching the high-ISO capabilities of today’s cameras, by accurately metering in low-light, is finally possible.



L-858D-U Speedmaster Light Meter - Technical Specifications


Measuring System

Incident light Swivel head Horizontal (270 degrees)
  Lumidisc Retractable
Reflected ligthg Switching incident/reflected Operation on LCD
  Light receiving angle 1degree(built-in)
  Viewfinder(Optional) No
Flash light Multiple flash mode  Yes
  Cordless/cord-in mode Yes
  Radio triggering mode PocketWizard Yes (optional)
  Radio triggering mode Elinchrom Skyport Yes (optional)
  Radio triggering mode Phottix Yes (optional)
  Flash duration analysis mode Yes
  HSS mode Yes

Measuring Range(ISO100)

Ambient Incident EV -5 to 22.9
  Reflected EV -1 to 24.4
  Option VF 1deg. EV No
  Option VF 5 deg. EV No
  Option VF 10 deg. EV No
  Illuminance LUX 0.1 to 2,000,000 lx
    FC(Foot-Candle) 0.01 to 180,000 fc
  Luminance Cd/m2 0.1 to 980,000 cd/m2
    FL(Foot-Lambert) 0.03 to 290,000 fl
Flash Incident F F0.5 to F161.2(=128.9)
  Reflected F F1.0 to F161.2(=128.9)
  Option VF 1 deg. F No
  Option VF 5 deg. F No
  Option VF 10 deg. F No

Display Range

ISO Sensitivity ISO   3 to 13,107,200
  ISO 2   No
Ambient Aperture Digital F0.5 to 161.2(=128.9)
    Step 1,  1/2,  1/3AV
    Decimal fraction 0 to 0.9(digital)
    Step 1/10AV
    Analog dot scale F1.0 to 90
    Step 1/3 AV
  Shutter speed Digital 30m to 1/64,000s
    Step 1,  1/2,  1/3 TV
    Analog dot scale 4s to 1/2,000s
    Step 1/3 AV
  Frame Rate Digital 1 to 1,000 f/s
  EV Digital -73.9 to 103.8 for incident
-69.9 to 105.3 for reflected
    Analog dot scale -3.0 to +3.0 EV for incident
-7.0 to +7.0 EV for reflected
    Step 1/3 EV
  Lux Digital 0.1 to 2,000,000 lx
    Step 2 significant digits
    Analog dot scale 0 to 1,000 lx
    Step in 50 lx
    Analog dot scale 0 to 5,000 lx
    Step in 250 lx
    Analog dot scale 0 to 25,000 lx
    Step in 2,500 lx
  FC(Foot-candle) Digital 0.01 to 180,000 fc

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