walimex Set 3 Daylights, 3x 125W + Shooting Table

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walimex Set 3 Daylights, 3x 125W + Shooting Table

Do you want to illuminate your products perfectly? This set, which consists of shooting table and three daylights, lends itself outstandingly to product and still-life photography, which makes it the ideal equipment for internet dealers und private eBay sellers.

The walimex shooting table ‘Tavola’ can be set up and folded away for storage within seconds. Due to its short legs, the shooting table can be put on any regular table without difficulties. The table height of approx. 28cm provides a comfortable shooting height. The diffused shooting surface is ideal for photographing objects without casting shadows, which facilitates extracting the pictures.

Additionally, the set includes two daylights with a leg length of 44cm (for cove light) and a daylight with a leg length of 72cm (for incident light). With these daylights you are set to create an impressive light composition for your products. Thanks to the flexible fixing clamps, the lights can be mounted either vertically or horizontally on the shooting table. The variable legs allow for positioning according to your requirements.

Product features:

1x Shooting Table ‘Tavola’

  • For use on tables and side boards
  • Ideal for still-life and product photography, e.g., eBay
  • Optimal for pictures that you want to extract
  • Load capacity approx. 5kg

3x Daylight at 125W each

  • Set of three daylight lamps with reflectors and fixing clamps
  • Flexible positioning thanks to adjustable legs
  • Fixing clamps for horizontal and vertical use
  • Incl. 3x25W Daylight Spiral Lamps

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions of Diffusion Surface (LxW): ca. 105x60cm
  • Shooting Height: ca. 28cm
  • Max. Total Height: ca. 70cm
  • Load Capacity: ca. 5000g
  • Total Weight: ca. 2200g
  • Material: aluminum (frame), plastic (diffusion surface) 

Set of Three Daylights

  • Output: each 25W Daylight Spiral Lamp (= 125W conventional)
  • Light Output: each 110 Lux
  • Color Temperature: each approx. 7500K
  • Length: each approx. 44cm and approx. 72cm
  • Cable Length: each approx. 300cm
  • Weight: approx. 480g and approx. 620g respectively
  • Material: plastic

Daylight Spiral Lamp  
Performance data and references as per EG-Regulation Nr. 244/2009 guideline 2005/32/EG

  • Item Description: Daylight Spiral Lamp 25W
  • Socket: E27
  • Nominal/ Rated wattage: 25W
  • Nominal voltage: 220-240V / 50-60Hz / 80mA
  • Number of switching cycles before: parmanent lamp failure  >10000
  • Nominal lifetime: 8000h
  • Color temperature: 6300K
  • Rated warm-up time (60%): 0,6s
  • Dimmable: no
  • Dimensions: approx. l 145mm, Ø 55mm
  • Content of mercury: <1,6mg
  • Lumen main. fact. at end of nominal lifetime: > 50%
  • Starting time: 0,6s
  • Color rendering index Ra: 82-85

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