walimex pro Studioset VE-150 XL Excellence

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walimex pro Studio Set VE-150 XL Excellence


  • Compact studio set for beginners and ambitious hobby photographers
  • Ideal for portrait and product photography
  • With two powerful, robust VE 150 Excellence studio flashes incl. 16-channel radio remote trigger
  • With two strong walimex pro FT-8051 lamp tripods
  • With two Softboxes incl. Softbox adapter

The VE Excellence 150 Studio Kit XL is ideal for beginners and ambitious hobby photographers who make their first tries in their own studio: Two flashes with tripods and softboxes – ideal for portrait and product photography

The studio flash VE- Excellence 150 – professional studio photography made easy
The studio flashes of the VE series are particularly suitable for ambitious hobby photographers, who would like to achieve the professional results as are normally found in studio photography. They unite high power and robust workmanship with operating comfort. Even though, the flashes from the VE Excellence range are very versatile and compact and thus also ideally suited for applications in small studios.

Integrated receiver with 16 channels
The highlights of this series include the built in 2.4 GHz receiver with 16 channels and 4 groups. When used with several flashes, each flash can thereby be separately controlled - for higher flexibility. All settings, like flash power or modelling light, can be conveniently made via the separately available radio remote trigger, but also by using the clearly arranged and user-friendly control panel on the flash itself. The power can be regulated from 1/1 to 1/32 and is, just like the 150 W modelling light, infinitely and proportionally adjustable, whereby the light power can be exactly adapted to the prevailing lighting conditions. The flash can be triggered via a Sync Cord, the built-in photo cell, via the test button or via the convenient radio remote trigger. A very strong cooling fan protects against failure caused by overheating.

Extremely short recharging times
Apart from that, the series VE Excellence also convinces with a higher flash factor and shorter recharging times, which also enables successive flashing in short intervals without any problems. The studio flash comes with a convenient bayonet connection and an integrated umbrella holder. Furthermore, the kit contains two high-quality softboxes incl. softbox adapter for a soft and even illumination and two 260 cm lamp tripods.

Included of delivery:

  • 2x walimex pro VE-150 Excellence studio flash with built in receiver, 2x FT-8051 lamp tripod, 2x Softbox, 60 x 90 cm, 2x Softbox adapter

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